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The people behind

DividendStocks.Cash is a part of one of the most successful independent start-ups in Germany, managed by two experts in their respective domains.

Torsten Tiedt (founder)

I bought my first stock back in 2000, when the dotcom bubble reached its peak. Luckily, I was a poor student then, meaning I had not much money to loose. But during my students job at an online-broker I saw many customers wealthier than me loosing much more money. I guess this "experience by observation" changed my mind towards investing in high quality stocks.

As a professional I worked in a big auditing company within a team of specialists dissecting portfolios from banks, funds, hedge-funds and other clients with tons of securities. During the financial crises, we analysed the portfolios of Lehman Brothers after they declared bankruptcy to estimate the value of their assets and many portfolios of big German banks wanting to know what - if any - was the value of the asset backed securities they bought. My job was to design and maintain the databases where all securities were analyzed.

Later I went to a smaller company designing a software for securities lending. Unfortunately, our biggest client used our software to evade taxes on dividend payments. To fight against a public scandal, the bank stopped its securities lending business and we lost our biggest client.

I took the chance and created my own start-up and designed the stock screener I always dreamed of called Aktienfinder.Net. In the first year, the screener was available in German only. After a successful start, I decided to localize the screener and created an English version called DividendStocks.Cash.

I do also publish articles and videos about the stock market and stock analysis on the following websites:

Matthias Hotz (associate)

I bought my first shares in 1997 when the dotcom bubble inflated. In 1999, I thought of myself being the ultimate investor. Obviously, I was missing the point because all stocks rallied. Suddenly, most of my money was gone. Searching for a more sustainable investment strategy, I stumbled across dividend stocks. Although I made some mistakes, the basic idea of investing in big, solid companies with increasing dividends paid-off.

As a professional, I'm a software developer, working in a Fortune 500 company in Germany for 10 years. Today, I support an online marketing agency in Munich. Regarding dividendstocks.cash, I take care of our various data sources, online marketing and search engine optimization.

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