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DividendStocks.Cash makes it easy to find stocks with long-term profit growth which is essential for any successful investment. This is accomplished by renouncing on misleading metrics like price-earnings ratio and titles like dividend aristocrats promising safety and growth where both isn’t necessarily there. Instead DividendStocks.Cash focuses the essential: stable growth of earnings and cash-flows for years and even decades. This is done by stripping down profit growth into its essential components consisting of stability and increase. To fully understand the concept and why common metrics are misleading I recommend reading this two-piece published on Seeking Alpha.


  • ...why the long-term performance of your portfolio depends on the quality of your stocks
  • ...why the quality of your stocks depends on the long-term profit growth of its companies
  • ...why the most common used metrics favour stocks with bad long-term profit growth
  • ...why the correlation-growth-model favours stocks with good long-term profit growth
  • this stock screener implements the correlation-growth-model
Seeking Alpha

Learn why common metrics are misleading

Why Metrics Make Investors Pay I.

Seeking Alpha

Learn how to detect long-term profit growth

Why Metrics Make Investors Pay II.

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